RORA Women Rights Foundation is non Governmental Organization formed with the aim of promoting the rights of women.

The Organization was initially formed to foresee the rights of women and girl children on the vices meted on them. The Organization deliberated on the areas to cover and came up with the idea of forming it.

The Organization has been registered under the NGOs board of Kenya and, thus acquired its legal status mandate on 8th January 2012,

RORA Women Rights Foundation is Non-Governmental, non-political allied or observing neutrality, not-for profit making, non- religious affiliate and non-sectarian charity, humanitarian and developmental organization.

The Organization is currently operating in Kenya with a dedication of helping and reaching out for women in all corners of the world.

We us RORA believe that women are the hearts of every community and reaching out for them means reaching out for the community at large.

The organization has been working since 2012 with tremendous achievements and completion of its goals towards the welfare of women.

We believe that it is never too late in empowering women to achieve their goals and have sustainable and long lasting solutions on the problems that face them.

RORA has a well organized organizational and management structure that constitute all the organs of operations.

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