It was an amazing platform set by the United Nation Commission on the status of women (C.S.W 67), thank you for making our organization be part of it, women are the backbone of every society empowering them means adding more value to that society, we are looking forward for the next general meeting that will be held next year. ❤️

darkness will fade with time

Sometimes you pray endlessly for something, not knowing when it will be heard, some lose hope and some remain consistent in their prayer, at the end of the day, everyone goes through trials and hardships, it will either make you more strong or weak. Those who never lose hope always

After a long period of thunder and storm comes peace and tranquility. there’s always hope after calamity.

Mental Health

Mental health is the most ignored disease, most people are too scared to speak up. sometimes it gets so bad, you screaming in your mind but you are faking smile so that no one notices. Try turning to the religion first and secondly try to find someone to talk to.


Its always good to wait for the right time, but the question is, what is the right time?. Is it today, tomorrow or was it yesterday and you missed your chance. Taking risky chances can be sometimes heartbreaking if it will have a great impact in your life, but what

Turning negativity to positivity.

We wake up everyday, not knowing how the day will end, if it will be either our best or if it will be our last breath. we make mistakes, some we learn from and others forgotten and thrown into the wind. in the end of the day, what makes life


have you ever had a hope for tomorrow, a hope that women will be considered as humans rather than objects. women make the society shine by bringing up young ones who will one day be the future hope of the country, but do the same society value the effort that


People usually blame the religion as oppressive in many matters, but what they don’t understand is that, its the culture that undermines the women rights not the religion, when culture oppresses, the religion was sent down to liberate women.

Never giving up is the plan

The hardest climb comes with a lot of struggle, times you felt you just want to let go of the robe, but staying persistent is the goal.

morning motivation

life was never meant to be easy, but being patient and not giving up is the way to succeed in this life. God always tests those people he loves, cause once the test is over the reward tend to be big, but for you to get that reward means you

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